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Books by Martinus
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Books and web sites on Children that remember previous lives and the subject of reincarnation
Books and web sites on Regression Therapy
Books and web sites on After-Death Communication
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Book and web site on The Afterlife Experiments
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Books by Martinus:

"Livets Bog" ("The Book of Life") (7 volumes), 1932-1960.
"The Eternal World Picture" (4 volumes), 1987-1994.
"Logic", first published in the 1940s, new edition in 1987.
"Funeral Rites", 1951.
"Collection of Articles 1", 2002.


  1. "The Fate of Mankind"
  2. "Easter"
  3. "What is Truth?"
  4. "On the Birth of my Mission"
  5. "The Ideal Food"
  6. "Pages of God's Picture Book"
  7. "The Longest Living Idol"
  8. "Mankind and the World Picture"
  9. "Between Two World Epochs"
  10. "Cosmic Consciousness"
  11. "The Mystery of Prayer"
  12. "The Road to Initiation"
  13. "The Gospel of Christmas"
  14. "The Creation of Consciousness"
  15. "Out of Darkness"
  16. "The Principle of Reincarnation"
  17. "World Religion and World Politics"
  18. "The Fate Drama of Life"
  19. "Cosmic Glimpses"
  20. "Meditation"
  21. "Beyond the Fear of Death"
  22. "The Road of Life"
  23. "The Immortality of the Living Beings"
  24. "The Creation of Culture"
  25. "The Road to Paradise"
  26. "Devil Mentality and Christ Mentality"
  27. "The Creation of World Peace"
  28. "Two Kinds of Love"

Martinus' work has a center "Martinus Institute", which informs the public about the books, organizes lectures and arranges translations. There is no organization and no membership.
Martinus Institute,
Mariendalsvej 96,
DK-2000 Frederiksberg,
Tlf.: +45 38346280

"Martinus Institute" publishes the monthly magazine "Kosmos" in Danish.
"Kosmos" is published in English six times a year.

Website of Martinus Institute: http://www.martinus.dk e-mail: info@martinus.dk

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Books and web sites on The Near-Death Experience:

Atwater, P.M.H:
"Beyond the Light: What isn't being said about the near-death experience". Birch Lane Press, New York, 1994.
"Children of the New Millennium"

Brinkley, Dannion:
"Saved by the Light", Harper Paperbacks, New York, 1994.

Chimes, Julie:
"A Stranger in Paradise", Bloomsbury, London 1995.

Eadie, Betty J.:
"Embraced by the Light", Bantam Books, New York, 1992.

Elsaesser Valarino, Evelyn:
"On the Other Side of Life; Exploring the phenomenon of the near-death experience". New York: Insight Books, Plenum Press, 1997.

Fenwick, Dr. Peter:
"The Truth in the Light", Berkley Books, New York, 1995.

Greyson, Bruce and Flynn, Charles (Eds.):
"The near-death experience: Problems, prospects, perspectives". Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, IL., 1984.

Holzer, Hans, PhD:
"Life Beyond", Contemporary Books, Chicago, 1994

Moody, Raymond, Dr. :
"Life after Life" (1977). "Reflections on Life after Life" (1978).
Both published by Mockingbird Books, Georgia
"The light beyond". New York, Bantam,1988.

Morse, Melvin and Perry, Paul:
"Closer to the Light: Learning from Children's Near Death Experiences". New York: Villard, 1990.
"Transformed by the Light: A study of the powerful effect of near-death experiences on people's lives". New York: Villard,1992.

Rawlings, Maurice S.: "To Hell and Back", Nelson, Nashville, 1993.

Ring, Kenneth PhD.:
"Life at Death", A Scientific Investigation of the near Death Experience. New York, Coward McCann 1980.
"Heading towards Omega: In search of the meaning of the near- death experience". New York, William Morrow, 1984.
"Lessons from the Light", Portsmouth, Moment Point Press, 1998.

Rogers, Sandra :
"Lessons from the Light", Time Warner, New York, 1995.

Sabom, Michael B.:
"Recollections of Death: A medical Investigation", Harper and Row, New York, 1982. "Light and Death", Zondervan Publishing House, Michigan, 1998.

Stone, Ganga:
"Start the Conversation", Warner Books, New York, 1996.

Dovel, Matthew:

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Books and web sites on Children that remember previous lives and the subject of reincarnation:

Bowman, Carol:
"Children's Past Lives. How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child", Bantam, New York, 1997.
"Return from Heaven", Harper Collins, New York, 2001

Shroder, Tom:
"Old Souls", Simon and Schuster, New York, 1999.

Stevenson, Dr. Ian:
"Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation", University Press of Virginia, Charlottesville 1974.
"Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect", Praeger, Westport, 1997.

Sakellarios, Stephen:

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Books and web sites on Regression Therapy:

Blake Lucas, Winafred, PhD.:
"Regression Therapy - A Handbook for Professionals"(2 volumes), Deep Forest Press, CA 1993.

Fiore, Dr. Edith:
"You Have Been Here Before", Ballantine Books, New York, 1978.
"The Unquiet Dead", Ballantine Books, New York 1987

Newton, Michael PhD.:
"Journey of Souls", Llewelyn Publications, 1994.

Wambach, Dr. Helen:
"Reliving Past Lives", New York, Harper and Row, 1978

Weiss, Brian L. M.D.:
"Many Lives, Many Masters", 1988.
"Through Time into Healing", 1992.
Both published by Fireside, Simon and Schuster, New York
"Only Love Is Real", Warner Books, New York, 1996.

Whitton, Joel L. M.D., PhD.:
"Life Between Life", New York, Time Warner, 1986

Woolger, Roger J., PhD:
"Other Lives, Other Selves", Aquarian, London 1994.

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Books and web sites on After-Death Communication:

Edward, John:
"One Last Time: After-Death Communication",

Guggenheim, Bill and Judy:
"Hello from Heaven!" Bantam Books, N.Y., 1995.

LaGrand, Louis E. PhD.:
"After Death Communications. Final Farewells", Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul.
"Messages and Miracles", Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, 1999.

Martin, Joel and Patricia Romanowski:
"Love Beyond Life", Dell, N.Y. 1997.

Praagh, James van:
"Talking to Heaven".

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Books and web site of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross:


"On Death and Dying" (1969)
"Questions and Answers on Death and Dying" (1974)
"Death: The Final Stage of Growth" (1975)
"To Live Until We Say Goodbye" (1978)
"Living with Death and Dying" (1981)
"The Wheel of Life" (1997)
All published by Touchstone, Simon and Schuster, New York

"On Life after Death", Celestial Arts, Berkeley California (1991)

"On Children and Death"
"Death if of Vital Importance"
"Remember the Secret"
"Working it through"
"The Doughy Letter (Letter to a dying child)"
"Aids: The Ultimate Challenge"
"Unfolding the Wings of Love" (Germany)
"Making the Most of the In-Between (Poland)
"Longing to Go Back Home" (Germany)

Book on Deathbed Visions:

Osis, Karlis PhD & Haraldsson, Erlendur PhD.: "At The Hour of Death", Hastings House, Connecticut 1977.

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Book and web site on The Afterlife Experiments:

Schwartz, Gary E.: "The Afterlife Experiments", Pocket Book, N.Y. 2002. http://www.openmindsciences.com

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Other websites on the non-existence of death




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The Scientific and Medical Network

The Scientific and Medical Network is an international multidisciplinary forum consisting mainly of Doctors and Scientists with other professionals. The Network challenges the adequacy of scientific materialism as an exclusive basis for knowledge and values.

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Local websites for alternative forums in Southern Spain


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Danish websites


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