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"-what I personally found of greatest interest was how much of what Martinus had to say anticipated the findings and ethical implications stemming from research on the near-death experience. In any case, Martinus' work as a whole offers readers a complete "world picture" that accurately forecast the development of the kind of spiritual science that has lately come into being. As such, his so-called "Third Testament" may prove to be the definite spiritual vision of our age".
- Kenneth Ring, Ph.D, author Lessons from the Light and Heading Toward Omega

" ...it was a great bliss to read the book by Else Byskov about the work and revelations of the Danish mystic Martinus. I am grateful to her that she made this very important work accessible for all of us. It explains us the mystery of life by bringing a new level of cognition, and it reveals the spiritual forces that lie behind the physical world. Recent scientific studies of the phenomenon of near-death experience indeed support the theory that our consciousness is a field of information, consisting of "ray-formed" matter or energy, and this energy is indestructible according to the law of thermodynamics. Eternity and infinity are thus present in every object and in every moment of time."
- Pim van Lommel, cardiologist.

" I have just finished reading......and re-reading your book "Death is an illusion". What a wonderful reading experience!! I go as far as saying that this is the most important book I have ever read. Thank you for writing it! I myself have read quite a number of books on various subjects like the ones covered in your book, but invariably they stopped just where my questions started, leaving me "dangling", so to speak. Martinus, in his worldview, however, goes that one crucial step further. The logic of his view is just mind-blowing. Every time I read some chapter or other I feel uplifted and positive".
- Elisabeth Knaus

"I read with interest your wonderful book based on Martinus' world view, "Death Is an Illusion". It is a great contribution to help bring an understanding of the Martinus material. I very much enjoyed the overview. Bravo! Indeed.
- Steven Patascher

"I have just read your book "Death Is an Illusion" and I was very excited about your ability and style of writing - certainly easier for my wife and I to understand. It was a long overdue book here in the USA, and I'm doing my best to spread the word that you can buy it at Amazon.com."
- Flemming Blucher

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