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A vast compendium of knowledge about existence
"A vast compendium of knowledge about existence, each chapter by itself a justification for appreciating the unity and comprehensiveness of Martinus' messages. Illuminating as only integral wisdom can be".
- The Book Reader, Fall / Winter 2002-03

A straightforward, well-written rendering of complex ideas in uncomplicated prose
Death Is an Illusion: A Logical Explanation Based on Martinus' Worldview by educator, translator, and interpreter Else Byskov is an extensive study of the metaphysical philosophy and spiritual teachings of 20th century Danish mystic Martinus, including the principles of karma and reincarnation, the consciousness of God, cyclic principles, transformation of the sexual poles, the power of prayer, and much more. A straightforward, well-written rendering of complex ideas in uncomplicated prose, Death is an Illusion is especially commended to the attention of non-specialist general readers and students with an interest in contemporary mysticism, spirituality, philosophy, religion, and metaphysics.
-The Bookwatch, February 2003

A blend of modern science and timeless spirituality
Death is an Illusion is a useful introduction to the Danish 20th century mystic, Martinus. Although he is little known in America, he will be much more prominent as a spiritual teacher, thanks to Else Byskov's clear summary of his life and teaching. The teaching has a sound picture of the cosmos and a perspective about the human future based on the evolution of consciousness. Thus it is a blend of modern science and timeless spirituality, with insightful comments about living one's life in accordance with it so that the person finds both happiness and ultimate meaning in daily living.
-John White, MAT, Author, The Meeting of Science and Spirit; editor, What is Enlightenment?

A Vital Spiritual Resource for Our Time.
" The work of Martinus constitutes one of the vital spiritual resources of our time that can only become more influential in the future as thinking people seek to understand the mysteries of life in ways that transcend both traditional religious understanding and the aridity of scientific rationalism....Else has performed a great service by making the key ideas of Martinus available to an English-speaking readership. Even for the seasoned metaphysical reader there is much to ponder and an incentive to read Martinus' own work in order to deepen one's understanding".
- David Lorimer, author and editor of "Network".

A remarkable life of an enlightened being
Else Byskov has performed a valuable service in introducing the Danish sage Martinus to the English-speaking world. She recounts the remarkable life of this enlightened being and gives an in-depth summary of his voluminous teaching. The chapters on The Principle of Reincarnation, The Law of Karma, and Death and the Afterlife are of exceptional interest. There is much here of hope and meaning for our own age and future generations.
-Ean Begg, writer and presenter BBC2 series Is There Something After Death?

A must read book for all students of metaphysics and mysticism.
- Joel L. Whitton, M.D., Ph.D., Center of Psychotherapy, Toronto.

A brilliant introduction to the teachings of Martinus the Mystic.
- Roundhouse Group, Feb. 2003

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