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Martinus' Cosmology

Martinus' world picture, which he also refers to as cosmology, offers us a new way to look upon our world and ourselves. Martinus asks us to see ourselves in a much larger perspective, as eternal beings on a never-ending journey through realms of light and darkness on spiritual and physical levels of existence in a universe that is teeming with life. As the universe is God's body, there is life and logic everywhere, and everybody co-operates in keeping this giant body alive. We may be small and insignificant, but we all play a part in the web of life.
Martinus does not ask us to believe in what he reveals. He simply asks us to go out into the world and see if what he says does not coincide with what we can observe out there. His work constitutes a basis for a merger of science and spirituality and it offers a theoretical point of departure for studies of the spiritual, or ray-formed reality.
Martinus' work will mostly appeal to the person, who has outlived the ability to believe in the religions. Consequently it appeals to many atheists and indeed he says that it is only when one's religious instinct has degenerated sufficiently that one will take an interest in his work. Martinus points out that those who are happy with their religion or belief system should not bother about his cosmology. He is not out to get proselytes or followers. But his work is there for those who are starving for a logical explanation to what life is all about and who lift their eyes to heaven with the fundamental question: "WHY?" Martinus' work has been written for those to whom knowledge about the meaning of life has become as fundamental as food and water.
Martinus' cosmology is an outstretched, helping hand to Man from a higher level of consciousness and it seems like a good idea to study it and use it as a theoretical foundation for scientific studies.
There is no sect, membership or organization around Martinus' work. Access to study his work is as free as it is to the sun in the sky.

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