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Who was Martinus?

Who was this Martinus and how was he able to reveal a complete, comprehensive philosophy about existence?

Martinus (Thomsen) was born in very humble circumstances on August 11th 1890 in Sindal, a small town in the north of Jutland, Denmark. He was an illegitimate child and was brought up by foster parents. There was very little money, so Martinus only had a very rudimentary schooling. He was later trained as a dairyman and had never studied anything, so it is quite extraordinary that he was to become the author of 41 books and 200 articles (more than 7000 pages) of deeply philosophical and esoteric material. The explanation is to be found in a deep, spiritual experience Martinus had when he was 30.
During meditation Martinus had an "out-of-body" experience and felt how he was enveloped in a bright, white and golden light. He felt that he was in the presence of a divine consciousness, which at the same time was insight and unconditional love.
After this experience Martinus felt how his own consciousness had changed. He had been endowed with completely new abilities and was now able to "see" behind the physical plane and into a spiritual dimension beyond. After his experience whenever he thought about a question the answer presented itself to him immediately. It was as if he had been linked up to a huge sea of cosmic knowledge to which he had unlimited access. Martinus is living proof that knowledge and insight can be obtained intuitively.

Martinus age 30
Martinus aged 30. The picture was taken a few months after his mystical experience.

It is on the basis of his intuitive insight that Martinus' body of work must be seen. His main work of 7 volumes and 3000 pages is called "The Book of Life" ("Livets Bog"). Apart from this Martinus wrote "The Eternal World Picture" (4 volumes), Logic, Funeral Rites, 28 small books and approximately 200 articles. He furthermore produced 44 symbols, which contain the essence of his cosmic analyses in symbolic form.
Martinus established the "Martinus Institute" as a private foundation to protect his work and to prevent it from being modified. The Martinus Institute, based in Copenhagen, is the sole owner of the copyright to both Martinus' written work and to the symbols. Martinus furthermore established the "Martinus Center" as an educational institution where courses about his work are held throughout the year, and to where people come from all over the world to study his cosmic analyses.
Martinus passed away on March 8th 1981 at the age of 90. He is buried at Frederiksberg's churchyard, Copenhagen.

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