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When one wants to find an explanation or a theory that supports the idea of post-mortem survival the traditional way has been to look to the Bible, The Koran, The Bhagavad-Gita, The Tibetan Book of the Dead or other writings of religious and spiritual content. These books all support the idea that the soul survives the death of the physical body, but as they were written several centuries ago they may not necessarily appeal to modern man and their messages are not easily translated into the language of modern science. Indeed it can be said that a complete, comprehensive philosophy comprising both the physical and the spiritual levels of existence has been lacking till this day.

However, such a complete, comprehensive philosophy has been revealed in the work of the Danish 20th century intuitive and mystic Martinus.

Martinus' body of work is one huge argument for the non-existence of death. Death is an illusion - it is a transition of our "I", Self or consciousness to another level of existence, but it does not imply the extinction of our individual consciousness. Our Self, or the essence of who we are, survives the death of the body.

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